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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 9, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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frg the ceiling. >> it started as a small leak that turned into a downpour. >> it had a foul odor to it and then we realized it was urine and fee sees and from that -- fee cease and from that point, we immediately started taking precaution. >> this technician and her co- workers immediately covered themselves and all of the the sterile l instruments in their unit. >> we kicked into crisis mode and our sterile processing staff did everything that we could do to help contain the situation. >> the hospital issued what's called a code dry meaning no one was allowed to use tap water for several hours. dr. steven o bryan told me five elective surgeries had to be cancel ed and they had to divert emergencies to other hospitals. >> patients were continued to
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be cared for in a safe manner during this period of time. weare actively cleaning areas that had con tame nated water. contaminated water. . >> this afternoon we watched workers who were clearing out the line that was blocked yesterday. the hospital told me the problem was roots from nearby trees that snaked their way into the pipe. also ilearned today the california department of public health has informs gaited this spill already. we were told no regulatory violations were found. aside from the basement, this facility is running as usual today. . >> emergency officials in san francisco today ordered several building evacuated because of a gas leak.
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it started about 12:20 this afternoon. a firedepartment spokesperson told us a construction crew punctured a gas line. a pg&e spokesperson says the workers should have been using shovels. they expectfull service restored this afternoon. >> for only the second time in 40 years, the baseball writers of america selected no one for the hall of fame. that includesbarry bonds. rita williams hasbeen covering bond's possible use of performance enhancing drugs and is here with reaction. >> i found passions run deep about who should or should not be included in the hall of fame. . >> he's baseball's all time home run hitter but he was not a hit with baseball writers
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today. nor were others from the so- called steroider r every rna. sammy sosa got 12.5% of the votes. all far short of the 75% needed. >> it's the lesser of the evils. >> but you would not have voted for bonds. >> absolutely not. >> i believe he should've got in i did not vote for all of the steroid guys. i don't know how i'll vote in coming years chronicle sports columnist told me she was not surprised how her fellow sports writers voted when it came to bonds as someone who covered his entire career, presteroid era and post, i just couldn't bring noois vote for him. >> these are the exact same writers that in the late 90s were looking the other way.
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nowthey want to make up for the poor job they did back then. >> this man thinks bonds and clemens deserve to be inducted. >> i think there are a lot of players already in the hall that have used these drugs. >> the giants organization owner told me they believe barry bonds should be in the hall of fame but they respect the process and hope that he will be voted in at some point. >> more details now on the hall of fame vote. a few other big names didn't get in. one of the best catchers, mike pee yaz shay, craig biggio came closest, and out spoken pitcher curt schilling also didn't make the cult. >> dozens of commuters in new
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york were hurt when a ferry slammed into pier. as theboat approach third degree doshgs many people were standing to get off the ferry but suddenly the boat crashed into the pier throwing people. theimpact ripped open the boat's hull and left 57 people hurt. >> when we hit the dock, everybody went flying so that's why we have so many injuries. >> it was a big bang and all of a sudden, my face was in the seat in front of me. >> a team from the national transportation safety board is investigating this crash. sofar alcohol tests are negative and for many this crash brought back memories of two other ferry accidents. a little over nine years ago a staten island ferry crashed and 11 medium died.
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inmay of 2010, another staten island ferry crashed into the same pier due to mechanical problems. . >> new information on several fronts, on monday's tanker crash into a bay bridge tower. tombaker live on treasure aye land where he learned about a broken piece of navigation equipment. >> as we have often learned, first looks can be deceiving. >> overnight, initial damage estimates to the bay bridge's bumper climbed from a half million dlashs to as much as 3 million. money the ship's owners are liable for. we alsolearned that one of the several beacons on if bridge itself were not operating. today we see the two beacons are out including the section of the span where the collision occurred. nonetheless, the chair of the
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bay area harbor safety says no one piece of equipment should cause a collision. >> multiple radars and navigation systems, this particular vessel had a double hull which is redundancy. >> regardless, the often fog shrouded bay bridge is not considered a critical maneuvering zone, a voluntary, not legally required designation where extra on board watchmen often aid ships in these zones. >> when we put in our critical maneuvering areas, we took the advice of the experts in the field, the coast guard, the army corp. of engineers, and others. >> whether the state or federal government will tighten rules here is unknown and won't happen until this investigation is over. and coming up at 6:00, what the pilot's lawyer has to say and a
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look at the overall shipping safety record. . >> you may have gotten a few lights showers this afternoon. we forecast a few light showers and we got them. as we go into the satellite loop, you can see the cold air coming from the north. there's that batch of showers. they've moved off to the east and the general motion is something like this. nowwhat we're watching in the next few hours is for this cool air to filter in. you see this line here, that's the back edge of the front. back in this area, you have very cold air coming from the polar regions and that cold air could bring snow to bay area peaks. it will definitely bring below freezing temperatures. when i come back we'll talk about possible snow, potential of more showers, and the real story is how darn cold it's going to get. we'll seeyou back in a few
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minutes vice president joe biden said that the obama administration will explore all options in efforts to control gun violence. sandra reports, this came as biden began a series of meetings with various groups including those for and against more gun control. . >> dozens of lives lost and grief at makeshift memorials. preventing mass shootings is the job the presidential task force is trying to tackle. >> i want to make it clear that we are not going to get caught up in the notion that unless we can do efg we're going to do nothing. >> vice president joe biden is heading up the gun violence task force. gun safety, victims add voir dire carcinoma si and gun owner shim groups are joining in the conversation to come up with
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recommendations to prevent gun violence. caving to criticism for declining the initial invitation, wal-mart decided to attend the meeting. they saidthey are sending an appropriate represent tiff to participate. >> wal-mart sells many of the type of weps used in recent shootings. . >> let me say this, more guns are not the answer. >> security should not mean a guard posts outside every classroom 40% of every gun sold goes without being checked. >> more restrictions on lawful gun ownership has been called a
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bad idea by some groups opposing more gun control. >> an a two and a half day preliminary hearing wrapped up today for james holmes. prosecutors say he acted with extreme indifference in a rampage that left 12 people dead and 70 injured. they also say he planned to kill more people but his gun jammed. . >> we have new details now in the fatal stabbing of a home intruder in the east bay city of pittsburg. january is jan is live to tell us more about this case. >> yesterday we were telling you about how the resident of the apartments over there across the street fatally stabbed an intruder. now police tell me that the
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resident's wife, 28-year old charmain leon guerrero taijeron has been arrested. police say that she was having an affair and had her boyfriend arrange the intruder's break in to scare her husband. police say the intruder has been identified as 55-year old robert lindsey of pittsburg. they sayhe got into the apartment about 10:20 yesterday morning and confronted the husband who had a gun. lindsey showed a fake gun and after a struggle, the resident stabbed lindsey in the neck with a knife. investigators later elevened that the wife had been having an affair for several months and plotted the break in with her boyfriend and his brother and an associate. verse say she even gave them a key to the home. >> obviously she was in a relationship with somebody else. she was separating with her
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husband. it appeared to her that her husband was reconsidering moving out of the residence. she thought thiswould be a scare tactic to get him to move. >> police say all three male suspects and the wife are in jail tonight facing murder charges. the husband is not facing any chargers. . >> san jose is getting dloez picking the next police chief. we'll tell you about the meeting with the top candidates and a judge signs off on a large settlement. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now...
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. >> new at 5:00, the top three candidates to become the new police chief of san jose met with complunt leaders today. robert, you were able to learn
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who those candidates are? . >> that's right, behind closed doors a very important step in the process of picking san joss next police cheech took place as the candidates met the community. it was a well kept secret. the most influential groups met to conduct an all day interview with the top candidates. the head of the police officers association as well as numerous community leaders signed confidentiality agreements in order to be part of the process. but we learned that kevin kyle and tom lawrence, and dan oats, the police chief in aurora colorado were the candidates. san josecommunications officer
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wouldn't name candidates but confirmed the process going on. >> that list has been screened and vetted doufrn to a short list that we are bringing to the community leaders to meet sgloed and there are no more intrus besides the ones meeting today. >> we're hopeful we can complete this today. >> though there is no set timetable for a decision, current chief chris morrow tires on january 18th. >> we want to keep the gap between the retierm of chief moore and the next chief as small as possible. >> officials also point out there is still a chance the search could be extended though they say that's unlikely given the quality of the candidates. an jose police are warning people about a spike in home burglar ris. yesterday they e say there were
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four midday burglaries in the foothill neighborhood. >> most of the burglaries we're seeing are midday burglaries. >> sergeant dwooir also said they arrested two juveniles connected to one of the burglars. the department is boosting patrols and asking residents to watch out for one another and report suspicious activity. . >> a federal judge has given final approval in the uc davis pepper spray case. the incidentin 2011 prompted national out rage after this video went viral. 21 students who were injured filed a lawsuit against the university. under thesettlement, each plaintiff will get $30,000 after attorney fees and other pay outs bart police are hoping to re reunit bikes and stolen bike parts with their
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rightful owners. the bikings were found at the richmond home of a 57-year old mark moore. moore was arrested when he tried to sell a stolen bike back to its owner. mooreis a convicted felon. picturesof the bikes, parts and information on how to reclaim them is posted on the website. google's eric schmitt called for open internet in north kree yachlt he is twl with a nine person commission. today theytoured a computing center and met with the few north koreans allowed to use the internet. the delegation is also calling on north korea to end the weapons program and provide fair treatment to a detained american person. >> bill talked about some snow flurries earlier. >> we have a shot on some of the higher peaks but there's so
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little moisture with with this system, i wouldn't anticipate much. take a look at live storm tracker two. what i'm tracking is this cold airment look at this. it's coming down from the polar regions and marching over top of us. that's going to drop temperatures overnight tonight to at or below freezing. that'sthe cold front. you can see the moisture out in front of it. all this fills in and it's clear behind that so that allows things to cool off. as you peak at what's happening out there, you can kind of see where we're going with this, 48 in nevada, 49 in concord. it is cool outside now. overnight lows are going to be easily in the 30s. san jose 38. this issignificant. you're sayingthat's not that cold. here'swhy it's, there's a lot of clouds out there and a lot
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of moisture in the atmosphere. fortemperatures to get this cold tomorrow morning means that friday morning 's temperatures are going to be the coldest we've seen all season. fridaymorning, probably one o the coldest morning. the winterweather advisory, this is in santa cruz. the nationalweather with service put a weather alert in the mountains. we're a nine iron away from mountains that are 1800 feet. the snow level is 1500 feet. itwould not be hard to get snow in the mountains. you get a little snow on that road and it will happen in the early morning hours so be aware of that. aswe go into the next few hours, this system slides
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through and there's the cold air. when icome back, we'll get right into how much longer the showers stick around and talk more about the snow possibilities and the five day forecast. . >> stolen without a trace, what used to be on this stone mown yument in the north bay and monument and why thieves may have taken it. >> new meals being served to kids in one district. >> and our ktvu i pat app is ready for you to down load. .
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giffords. >> this is day three of a new school lunch fram in san francisco. paul chambersreports on the changes that are in some ways making meals more old school. >> take a look at this, right out of the oeven and on to your child's plait. today is thethird day that they served this school. the new meals are a healthier balance for your children. revolution foods is now serving the meals for more than 55,000 students. the mealsare made fresh within a 24-hour period of being served we feel like getting
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the quality ingredients to students that are locally sourced, that are kid designed that are the highest quality that we can place into our meals is great for taste profiles. >> each meal is said to meet or exceed national requirement. . >> we invest in quality good nutritious food that students will eat and that's an investment in academic achievement. >> that's all good but the true question is how does it take. >> the superintendent and founder of revolution food sat down and ate with the kids to get feedback. the kids say it's a success and better than the lunch they were served before christmas break there's also vegetarian options for those who don't like the meat but i tried the meat balls and they're pretty good. . >> san francisco police are
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asking for the public's help to find a car and driver involved in a christmas day hit and run that injured a 15-year old girl. it happened around 5:00 near the section of 19th avenue and winston drive. >> she was struck by a newer model mercedes, four door gray in color. this car had like dealer plates and the driver fled the scene. >> the teenage victim is recovering after several operations. the driver was described as a 40 or 50-year old white female. >> a group of vietnam veterans in the north bay is asking for help after someone stole a memorial plaque from a local park. it was dedicated to military troops who were killed during the vietnam war. veterans say the thieves
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probably took the plaque fsh scrap metal. if the plaque doesn't turn up, they plan to start a fundraising drive to make a new one. >> this is just half o of what was left behind by the flooding in east palo alto in one yard. >> a homicide suspect and victim caught on surveillance tape. how police wnt your help to solve -- want your help to solve the crime. [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ]
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some things won't last 25 years. for six months. ah! woof! some things will. thousands of sand bags being brought into a neighborhood in east palo alto to try to pre prevent major flooding like last month.
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some people say it's still not enough. john is there tonight. >> frank, that is san francisquito creek who flooded the area 17 days ago. the leveehas been enhanced to protect the neighborhood the rest of this rainy season. this is curtis sims east pal row alto yard -- palo alto yard. it's peacefulnow but was not on december december 23rdr rd. . >> i got a lot of it in the garage. mibach yard was a mess. we had a -- mybackyard was a mass. >> you can see the mess still ther that he has been working on cleaning up. >> i could be doing other things than scooping up mud. >> today the conservation corp.
5:32 pm
brought in 7,000 sandbags to raise the top of the levee. >> by raising the levee and placinging the sand -- placing the sandbags on top, that should help prevent water from flowing over the top. >> but it's a temporary fix and residents are concerned. >> i thiets time to do more because i don't think the sandbag is going to do anything but make it flow down below. . >> at today's emergency operation center meeting, we were told a major levee overhaul should start this summer. >> we cannot go start working on the levee or the creek on permanent fixes with the rainy season still ahead o' of us. >> the city is still in a state of emergency hoping for $3 300-0000 for relee -- levee repairs. >> apple may be planning to
5:33 pm
offer a less expensive iphone to compete with android rivals. sources say apple is considering a phone with an exterior that would cost less than the current aluminum housing. that could be out as early as this year. >> facebook is creating a big buzz with a mysterious invitation sent dwroed a media event. speculation includes the possibility of a new smartphone. the buzz pushed facebook stock above 30 dollars. >> san francisco police are looking for leads in two separate attacks. the firsthappened at 1:40 this morning, a 53 year old man was shot in the foot on connecticut street. then less than two hours later and a block away, a 49 year old man was stabbed three times. police say the incidents do not
5:34 pm
appear to be connected. >> san francisco police are turning to the public tonight for help in soling a cold case homicide. david, you have new video that appears to show the victim with with her killer just before the attack. >> gasia that's right and investigators released this video because they say the trail has gone cold. san franciscopolice say these are scenes from before and after a homicide. surveillance video shot last october 21st show alee i can't cruz walking to a her apartment with a man. less than an hour later, he is seen bolting down the sidewalk. cruz was later found stabbed to death in her r apartment. >> we're hoping someone might see this video and recognize the suspect police released the video and this sketch o' of a man resembling the suspect described aas a mixed race male
5:35 pm
between 26 and 32 years old with braids or a pony tail on the side of his head. >> we're hoping this might spark someone's memory. >> this crime took place in one of the hotels lining eddy street. >> there are often visitors at all hours. >> police say cruz immigrated here from el salvador. >> it's very common to have left family behind in their country of orr guiang so that contributes to isolation. . >> police have posted the surveillance video and the sketch on their website. anyonewho recognizes the suspect can call call ao' nonmousely. >> autopsy shows no sign of
5:36 pm
trauma in the body of the missing girl who was found. sheattended a music festival and may have tried to walk three miles to her hotel. authoritiessay that blood and tissue kess -- tests for alcohol or drugs could take weeks we have more details in the poisoning death of a lottery winner. he died in june just a month after winning a million dollars on a scratcher. testslater show he died of cyanide poisoning. court papers show his wife has been battling with the court with other relatives who say she won't share the winnings. >> a 200 foot construction crane collapsed in new york city today injuring three people seriously.
5:37 pm
the injured were all construction workers. verse say they don't know yet what caused the collapse. crane safety hasbeen a major issue in new york since two giant rigs collapsed within two months of each other in 2008 killing a total of nine people. >> a taste of home at president obama's ininauguration. whatbay area bubbly will be served. and the reign of the kings could be over. where the team is headed.
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. >> we're learning what's going be served as the inauguration luncheon. first course, steamed lobster with new england chowder along with wine from new york. second course, hickory grilled bison and red potato horse radish cake. and corr bell national special champagne from here in si gnome ma. as you sh sonoma. rob ross is going to have the bubbly celebration coming up.
5:41 pm
also bottled water from new york will be on the table. . >> labor secretary says she's resigning. we have video here of her from a visit to san francisco last summer. in ane-mail she said she submitted her resignation letter to president obama this afternoon. she says she made the decision to leaf after talking to her family and close friends. she'sa former congresswoman from california. >> the national cathedral says it will soon host same-sex same-sexmarriages. now that same-sexmarriage is legal in the district of columbia and nearby maryland, they are expanding the marriage sack -- sack rna meant to include gays and lez beans.
5:42 pm
>> it looks like the sack remen toe king -- sack ri men o' toe kings have reached a deal to move. the deal would reportedly send the team to seattle next season. they would play at kia arena for two years. seattlelost its former nba basketball team to oklahoma city in 2008. >> the oakland museum of california targeted twice by a burglar. why police believe the same man is responsible. >> and back here in just ten minutes, we have more sprinkles in the forecast and a freeze warning going into effect. details coming up. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing.
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lesbian. >> the oakland museum of california today offered a reward for the return o' of a valuable item that was stolen earlier this week. it's thesecond time someone has broken into that museum since november. . >> it's been in this museum since the 1960s giving people a view into the gold rush. >> it was a wedding gift from a pioneer to his wife in the 1800's, it was created by a san francisco gold smith artisan. >> that is until monday. police didn't release a picture citing an on going picture so
5:46 pm
all we can tell you is it's 7 by nine and gold and quartz with images of california on the box. >> this is a theft of our history and a theft of the heritage of our children. >> and it's the second time this has happened. there wasanother heist in november. >> the museum beliefs in both thefts the thief came in through these doors and came to this area. back in november they took an item from there and right here and on monday took that box that was located right there. >> two burglaries in two months, both when the museum was closed, both caught on video. police blooe the same man is responsibility -- believe the same man is responsible. a $12thousand reward is now up for grabs. the museum moe toe is a story of california, the story of you. the hope is the story of this
5:47 pm
box brings it back home. >> nissan is planning to introduce a lower price model of the all electric lease this week. just this week they shipped some to tennessee. thithey are trying to boost u.s. sells after falling short last year. the supreme court is showing some opposition to warrantless blood test during drunk driving police stops. they heard today about a stop in kansas city. they are debating whether the draw ofg blood should require a warrant. a decision is expected by summer. >> it appear it is president has made his pick for treasury secretary. jack lew is expected to be knock nated -- nominated by if
5:48 pm
end of the week. it'sreported that lew was tapped because of his knowledge of the federal budget and his no drama style but some republicans are expecting a bumpy conformation time. >> aig will not join a lawsuit against the federal government over the bail out that saved the company from bankruptcy. theboard was legally bound to consider become part of the suit and today decided not to. thecompany's former ceo filed the suit saying the conditions o' of the bail out were unfair. thegovernment sold its share in aig and made a profit. the dow gained 60 points and nasdaq gained 14. . >> the owners of the sf wiekly newspaper announced its sell to
5:49 pm
the san francisco guardian. in2008 the guardian filed a lawsuit against the weekly claiming they were trying to force them out of business. thelawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount of money. >> want to know who may have given you the flu? facebook might be able to help. it has a new app called help i have the flu. it searches posts by your facebook friends for key words such as flu, cough and sneezing. once it pinpoints the flu, it suggests you kwaurn teen them. >> the threat of fires across australia remains high. abouttwo hundred fires are still burn burning in east australia where it is summer. hundreds onpeople remain in
5:50 pm
evacuation centers. cooler weather today gave firefighters a chance to build earth breaks to contain the flames let's talk about our weather. today i had to use the wipers on the way to work. >> yeah and that continues frank and gasia tonight into tomorrow morning in the higher elevations you might see snow. the weather headline is going to be that cold air that's settling in. in the meantime, we have light sprinkles. out towardoakland, light drizzle, berkley, over at skyline boulevard, light sprinkles. if you go to san francisco and the bay view district, you have light sprinkles. so here 's the story, this thing is cold. itdoes not contain a lot of moisture.
5:51 pm
scattered showersstay in the forecast tonight but temperatures dropping is the real story. this cold air moves in behind as we move through the evening hours. that couldtrigger a thunder shower along the coast. if you're looking off to the east say 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, it's going to be a potential light show. we cango up north, we have sprinkles in the santa rosa area. itlooks like it's pretty much ended by now but the light showers will make way for very cold temperatures overnight. sothe cold air comes in, scattered showers up in santa cruz mountains, that could be a snow flurry. and then, showers glide through. this is a nonevent for rain but a big event for cold. by friday morning, the coldest air settles in.
5:52 pm
that's whentemperatures will be in the freeze warn withing, and a frost advisory. now watch where the freeze warning o' goes, from gill roy north. you don't see freeze warnings that often in san jose, downtown, urban areas usually see that kind of cold. the story tonight, flur rishgs showers as well. look at the highs, 48 for livermore. thefive day forecast, showers are minimal, the cold is not. >> at least you've given us notice to prepare. . >> thanks bill. >> we have some breaking news, what we've just learned about bone fragments found in a whale. also
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
. >> police say that a fragment of of bone found in a kidnappers dumping sound is from a whale. authorities were led to the site by wesley sherman tien and because of the age range and
5:56 pm
time it was buried investigators thought it may have been my kay mccay la garts -- garrett's remains but it was from a previous murder victim. >> time is running out for people who receive paper checks from the federal government. the treasury department is going paper free. . >> it's just automatic deposit is so easy. >> the government sends out more than 500-0000 checks every month for social security and pension approximates. eachcheck costs about a dollar to produce and mail compared to $0.10 for direct deposit. agroup funded by the paper industry has a different opinion. >> we ought to be giving them choices. they've earned their benefits. they should receive them in a
5:57 pm
manner that works for them. >> more than 258 thousand people in california still receive a paper social security check but the government has set a goal of switching everyone to a debit card or direct deposit by march ist. they say going paper free could save tax pay yes, sir over one billion dollars over ten years. >> the california teacher's ban is making moves to eliminate the idea of teachers having weapons in the crass room the state treasurer has began the process to break ties with a company that was used to make one of the weapons in the newtown shooting. a bay area debate that could lead to nationwide change. wetalk to mike thompson who will be sitting down to discuss
5:58 pm
steps he thinks the nation needs to take to prevent gun vie sglens and coming up, she saw a man coming at her on this street but she couldn't get away. theunusual step a victim is taking to warn her neighbors about a potential rapist. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.


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